QPC lands $12 million Laser TV contract with Asia Optical

Watch out, Mitsubishi. Looks like you aren't the only game in town with Laser TV in the corporate word bank. Reportedly, California-based QPC Lasers has just landed a $12 million contract that will exclusively supply Asia Optical (AOCI) with the goods its needs to craft 60-inch laser-based sets -- kind of like the one it recently demonstrated in QPC's Los Angeles headquarters. To be totally honest, the terms of the deal are relatively vague, and while we can only assume that AOCI will be utilizing this tech in order to craft the HDTV of the future, we suppose it could use it for wicked cool microwave displays. OLEDs, Laser TVs and now SEDs (again)? Man, what are these poor LCDs to do with themselves?

[Via OLED-Display]