iPhone mod turns the Apple logo into a mini-flashlight

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|08.16.08

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iPhone mod turns the Apple logo into a mini-flashlight

Sure, this video feels like it might veer into creepy snuff-film territory right at the beginning, but luckily it just reveals a fairly sweet looking iPhone mod. Apparently some Russian iPhone fans have replaced the regular, boring Apple logo on the back of an original iPhone with an eye-piercing, glowing version. There's not a lot of detail on how this is done -- and the video is in Russian -- but the source link claims it's just a matter of, "removing the aluminum 'fruits' and inserting the glowing ones." We'll see about that. Otherwise, check this similar step-by-step mod seen earlier. Eerie video included after the break.

As commenters (and Croiman himself) have pointed out, this appears to be a boost of the impressive Croiman Psycho iPhone mod we saw back in April.

[Via Hack a Day]

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