Google takes whitespace to the people with "Free the Airwaves"

Whitespace internet has long had heavyweight industry backing from the likes of Dell, Microsoft, and Motorola, and while those companies and several others have been lobbying Congress and the FCC through staidly named groups like the Wireless Innovation Alliance and the White Space Coalition, it looks like Google is sick of the red tape -- it's launching a petition drive aimed squarely at consumers called "Free the Airwaves." Yep, Google's cribbing its whitespace marketing from Pump Up the Volume -- and while that's certainly enough to convince us, we've got a feeling it's not going to sway anyone else's opinion until this semi-vaporware tech is actually demonstrated working outside of an FCC lab. Put up or shut up, El Goog -- or at least play a Descendents song or two.

[Thanks, Zoli]