Panasonic's Blu-ray SC-BT100 HTIB system gets reviewed

Make no mistake about it, Panasonic's SC-BT100 is pretty intriguing for those looking to dive head first into the Blu-ray / surround sound game simultaneously. Boasting a 5.1 speaker system along with the DMP-BD50 standalone Blu-ray player, Panny's BD HTIB has a lot going for it on paper. Design wise, reviewers found lots to love, and they also admired the plethora of connection options and simplicity of use. Unsurprisingly, the picture quality was coined "phenomenal," but we wouldn't expect anything less from the BD50. The only real digs on the entire system are the steep price and the lackluster audio quality; highs were said to be "too harsh," and the overall quality was so far below par that it prevented critics at Pocket-lint from offering up a wholehearted recommendation. Maybe your ears will feel differently, though.