Video: TrekStor's Wireless SoundBox is wireless sound in a box

TrekStor has this interesting piece of kit on display at IFA, the Wireless SoundBox. It all starts with a USB stick attached to the computer. From there, your music is streamed wirelessly at a distance up to 25-meters to up to 20 of the boxy, 2.4GHz speakers. The 4x battery (AA, presumably) speakers feature a nice to touch, "softtouch" coating, individual volume controls, and line-in for connecting audio sources directly. The sound quality was about on par with what we'd expect from such a tiny speaker but the range was quite good considing the level of public 2.4GHz noise on the IFA show floor. €50 (about $74) takes home the stereo starter set (USB stick and 2x speakers) with each additional speaker costing €30 (about $44) starting in October. See our attempt to run away with 'em after the break.