WoW Moviewatch: An introduction to The Chronicles of Nightfall

It looks like we have another mystery machinima on our hands, folks. Chronicles of Nightfall - Prologue was meant to be an introduction to a series, but it doesn't really explain much in the video itself. According to Ivanzoe's explanation, we're looking at Rederik Aileron, Captain of the Stormwind Militia, coming home after a day of fixing his blades in Ironforge. We see him riding through a bustling town, crossing the bridge, and ultimately, coming home to his wife, Thornflower. What do you think happens in the next episode?

Here's what I'd like to see -- Desperate Housewives in WoW form. Rederik should have come home to find his wife making out with the teenaged herbalist. He'll have more important things on his mind, though, as he's facing tax evasion charges for not paying gold for years. Meanwhile, the stares of the other women on the street do nothing to comfort them, but those women have secrets of their own ... The moral of the story is to describe your series better from the very beginning.


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