Nokia details Maemo 5 OS, hints at next-gen Internet Tablets

Nokia's always had big plans for the open-source Maemo internet tablet OS that powers devices like the N810, and it just spilled some more details about the upcoming release of Maemo 5 -- and provided some hints on what's in store for the Internet Tablet line in the process. The biggest ticket item seems to be 3G connectivity over HSPA, but new support for the TI OMAP3 processor should mean faster devices with better graphics, and Nokia's also promising "high-def" cameras with photo-sharing features. All this work on the Linux-based OS means that Nokia is now a Gold Sponsor of the Linux Foundation, and it's already contributed the HSPA OMAP3 code back to the project -- hooray for sharing. Of course, what we really want to know is when to expect the actual release of an updated Internet Tablet, but Nokia just says it'll be out "when it's ready."

[Thanks, Ryan]

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