Ask a Beta Tester: Attunements, achievements, more low level quests

Welcome to another edition of Ask a Beta Tester, wherein we all sit around, drink ale, smoke cigars, talk about our awesome hogs and then tear up the road of Dalaran, risking our lives with extreme stunts just for the thrill and the feeling of adrenaline flowing through our veins.

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I'm interested in the Low Level Quest Tracker. Does this replace other trackers such as Find Herbs or Find Minerals? Or does it stack with other tracking as well?

It does not stack with other tracking, but you generally wouldn't need both at once. Turn it on in town, grab your quests, turn your other tracking back on when you leave. That'll be problematic for finding low level quests out in the wilds, but does your level 80 Death Knight need that Peacebloom while you're off looking for quests?

Read on for more of your Wrath of the Lich King Beta questions!

Droul asked...

What has happened to jewel slots in Wrath? A lot of the gear that has been previewed or leaked has maybe one but most have no slots for gems. Are Jewelcrafters going to be useless in WotLK?

Useless? Gosh no. Gear has plenty of gem slots. Maybe not the low level stuff since gemming your gear as you level up is annoying, but there's lots of gear with sockets, especially at the level cap.

saerb asked...

There has been mention of new flying mounts, but since we can't use flying mounts until later, and the removal of Riding Crops, has there been any indication of any new ground mounts with increased speed?

No, there's been no sign or indication of that. There are new types of mounts like those that can carry passengers, but those are mostly at the level cap as well. I don't think we'll be seeing faster mounts, and I leveled to 80 just fine without one. You'll be okay on your kodo or kitty or mechachicken for awhile, don't worry.

Phil asked...

Do we know if the new 10/25 man Naxxramas has an attunement?

It does not. So far, none of the raid zones have them and Blizzard doesn't plan on adding them. If that changes, we'll let you know.

Reric asked...

Have various factions been implemented yet in Northrend? How about reputation gear?

Factions have been in from the beginning, but the gear from them was only just added in last night's beta patch. MMO-Champion has a preview of all of that stuff as usual, and we'll work on getting that stuff here, too.

There are a lot of factions, so I hope you have fun grinding rep! There's the Valiance Expedition (Alliance), the Kalu'ak, the Argent Crusade, the Ebon Blade, the Sons of Hodir, the Kirin Tor, The Wyrmrest Accord, the Oracles and Frenzyheart, a bunch of others, the smelly Horde factions that nobody cares about...

Just kidding! Really. The Horde's answer to the Valiance Expedition is the Warsong Offensive. I don't know if their rep rewards are in yet, though. I only have Alliance characters in Northrend right now.


From what I've seen on the PTR, you can only get boss kill achievements by having completed the quest. By doing that Blizzard is locking out the achievements for Ragefire Chasm to the Alliance and the Stockades for the Horde. Any idea if this is going to change in the final build?

That only applies to retroactive rewards of the achievement. The Alliance doesn't have an RFC quest, so when we upgrade to 3.0.2 the Alliance will not have that one automatically. However, they can trek over to Orgrimmar afterwards and complete it, and earn the achievements then. Same goes for the Horde with the Stockades and Deadmines. You won't start 3.0.2 with it, but you can earn it afterwards.

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