Stars Catalogue music download service finally revealed

Nintendo of Europe accidentally posted a news item on their website a couple of weeks back announcing a program allowing people to exchange Club Nintendo Stars for songs from artists on the EMI label. The story was only up long enough for the headline to show up in our RSS reader before it was yanked.

The Music Voucher Shop has finally grown from just a headline in an inaccessible story to a real website that you can look at! Club Nintendo members can buy one song for 350 stars, 2 for 700 (at a substantial 0% discount!) or an album for 3000. You're given an alphanumeric code to redeem at the EMI website.

Okay, so it's not some kind of super-innovative Wii-based music service or something. But it's a way to download music basically for free, and it's another option for your Stars when everything else is sold out (which seems to be all the time). And, of course, it's a lot better than what you can get from the US Stars Catalogue, which is nothing because it doesn't exist.

[Via GoNintendo]