DARPA's "Gandalf" project aims to hone in on cellphones and track 'em

It's not quite a Batman-type science-bending project, but DARPA's apparently hush hush "Gandalf" initiative looks to be fairly ambitious nonetheless -- at least as far as we can tell from the rather vague statements that have been made about it. In an announcement of sorts yesterday, DARPA reportedly said that the project's goal is to use "set of handheld devices" to track down a specific "signal emitter of interest" using radio frequency geolocation, and presumably some other measures they're not about to dish the details on. The Register's Lew Page further extrapolates that could mean that a group of undercover operatives or special-forces troops would be able to be dispersed near a target and hone in on a particular cellphone, or other electronic device for that matter, and then proceed to track it with no one the wiser. Whatever it is, it's going to be discussed at an event in Virginia later this month, though we're not exactly expecting any first-hand reports to come out of that.

[Via Danger Room]