4Door's RoadMice bring a little muscle to your mousepad

There are ergonomic mice, floaty mice, geometric mice, and of course gaming mice, but, if you're the type of guy or gal who'd rather be fondling a Hurst pistol-grip than any of those sissy things, then 4Door's RoadMice are for you. They're wireless mini modern muscle car mice that replicate the look of autos like the Dodge Charger, Chevy Z06 'Vette, and Ford Mustang, complete with two-button hoods, 800 dpi optical sensors, scroll wheel induction cowls, and even working headlights for safe clicking at night. Each one comes with a USB receiver, six-month unlimited mile warranty, and a vaguely authentic looking title certificate if you register online. Yeah it's all a bit cheeky, and we're thinking that lip-spoiler on the back of the Camaro wouldn't do your palm any favors, but, for $45 in a variety of colors, they're cheaper and more useful than the other bits of automotive memorabilia scattered around your office.

[Via Autoblog]