HD Guru: Mitsu's LaserVue L65-A90 among the best HDTVs ever tested

We expect Mitsubishi to make claims that its latest technology is the best ever, and we enjoyed seeing it for ourselves at CEDIA, as well as reading other praises. But it's another thing all together when Gary Merson gets to run his own tests and comes back with almost nothing bad to say, and that is an understatement. Not only does he say it has the best color gamut of any TV he's ever tested, but the brightness is also second to none. To top it off, the contrast is as good as any set he's test -- yes including the Kuro. And the green people out there will be happy to know that it only uses about 96 watts -- in case your not keeping track at home, that's about one fourth the amount of power as most plasmas. So if you can live without semi-wall-mountable TV that is 10-inches deep, and demand the best in picture quality, then $7000 for a 65-inch LaserVue is probably sounding really good right about now.