Mitsubishi's 65-inch LaserVue HDTV undergoes further testing

It's one thing to witness an HDTV under the watchful eye of the company that made it, but it's an entirely different experience to get out on your own, with your own hand-picked sources, your own food stash and the freedom to really speak your mind. From what we've seen under Mitsu's own conditions, the 65-inch LaserVue is truly a sight to behold, and even when the gurus over at TheTechLounge managed to see this thing in their own element, they were equally amazed. They wouldn't go so far as to call it the best HDTV ever, but even when compared side-by-side with Pioneer's heralded PRO-151FD KURO plasma, they found the laser-packed set to be superior in a few instances. The test subjects underwent a few grueling hours of Iron Man and Ice Age: Meltdown on Blu-ray, and at the end of the night, critics didn't hesitate to recommend the set for anyone with loads of cash.