Dane-Elec goes its own way, intros a handful of media players

Growing tired of distributing the Meizu M6 and M3 (and growing even more tired of waiting on the M8), Dane-Elec has decided to strike up on its own and offer up a smattering of portable media players. Up first is the above pictured Music mediatouch, a 4GB / 8GB PMP with a 4.3-inch 480 x 272 resolution display, FM tuner / transmitter, microSDHC slot and USB connectivity. On deck is the reasonably attractive Music pix, which touts a 2.9-inch 400 x 240 resolution display, a 1.3-megapixel camera and your choice of 2/4/8GB of storage space. The bright green Music touch gets miniaturized to the tune of a 2.4-inch display, while the ultra-tiny Music is a simple USB thumb drive-styled DAP with either 1GB or 2GB of space. There's no word on a release date for any of the aforesaid wares, but we wouldn't bank on 'em coming to the US, anyway.

[Via PMPToday]