The Last Remnant receives 'platinum' score from Famitsu

If the Unreal-powered RPG sits as well with gamers as it did with reviewers at Japan's Famitsu, The Last Remnant will be the first of more, er, remnants to come. According to a post on NeoGAF, the magazine's four-person Cross Review team lauded Square Enix's Western-focused title, scoring it 10/10/9/9 (38/40) – high enough to earn its Platinum Award.

For comparison, the mag scored Infinite Undiscovery 9/8/8/6 (31/40) – it averaged a 68/100 metascore here in the States. Of course, Famitsu has been known to exhibit some ... questionable taste in the past. Take, for example, its 9/8/9/8 (34/40) score for Ubisoft's Haze.