Sharp's 46-inch AQUOS LC-46D65U reviewed: good HDTV, not so good remote

It's a good thing companies are out there toiling away on masterfully created universal remotes, because it looks like you'll be needing one with the purchase of Sharp's AQUOS LC-46D65U. The 46-inch set, which was unveiled at CEDIA 2008, was recently reviewed over at Digital Advisor, and as with most big screen HDTVs, critics found plenty to love and detest. It was stated that the unit handled pure 1080p content "like a dream," showing off Blu-ray Discs with images that were "sharp, crisp and brilliant." Unfortunately, it didn't hold up so well when handed a fresh serving of SD material, so those still halfway in the past may want to take note. Additionally, the bundled remote was said to be frustrating in every way possible, though the copious amount of inputs did put a smile on their faces. All in all, the set was deemed a good bargain for the $1,300 or so it's selling for online, but make sure you factor in a Harmony of some sort before sealing that budget.

[Thanks, Michael]