Hyundai brings AH-3110 satellite / OTA HD DVR to New Zealand

Barely a week after the MyFreeview HD emerges, in swoops some competition to keep things level. Hailed as New Zealand's first combo satellite / terrestrial HD personal video recorder, the Hyundai AH-3110 enables users to record Freeview or Freeview HD (sat or OTA) content with full EIT EPG support. Oddly, the box doesn't come with an HDD within, so you'll be required to connect your own hard drive via USB 2.0. You'll find an HDMI port, seven-day EPG, MPEG-2/4 compatibility and component / S-Video / S/PDIF sockets. The good news? It's slated to ship on December 15th. The bad? It's NZ$579 ($319 in US bucks), and remember, that's without an internal hard drive.

[Via DTVForum]