Amazon OLPC orders in danger of cancellation -- think of the children!

When Amazon got in on the Give 1, Get 1 OLPC plan, where generous lovers of little green machines could chip in $399 to donate one XO to the cause while also getting a new toy for their children (or themselves), it was unclear exactly when the things would be delivered. The answer, according to Amazon at least, is "not soon enough." The company's UK wing is indicating that orders are in danger of being canceled if OLPC doesn't get off its charitable fanny and start mailing 'em. Amazon has a strict policy of shipment within 30 days and has sent out a flurry of warning missives as that period draws to a close. We're inclined to think that this is just an automatic system on Amazon's side and that the company will give an extension prior to dropping the hammer. After all, when it comes to the whole "delivery of product" thing, it hasn't exactly done so well in meeting consumer demand itself.

Update: ChristophD from One Laptop Per Child News commented to let us know that OLPC is shipping some little lappys now, missing Amazon UK's cut-off by one whole day. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!