Microsoft extends Windows XP deliveries to May 30, 2009

Man, Microsoft just can't bring itself to kill Windows XP dead -- it just extended the final OEM and reseller delivery date for the venerable OS to May 30, 2009. Vendors will still have to place their orders before the official cutoff date of January 31, but they won't have to take delivery (or pay, we'd imagine) until May. All of this is supposed to alleviate the problem of vendors stockpiling copies of XP -- it wouldn't be good for Microsoft if manufacturers start charging a demand-related premium for XP licenses after Redmond goes Vista-only. Of course, Microsoft also recently extended the Vista "downgrade" deadline for OEMs to July 31 and netbooks will still be able to kick it old-school until at least June 2010, so chances are you'll be able to get XP one way or another until Windows 7 ships -- let's just hope all this waffling on XP means that 7's going to be as good as we think it is.