On average consumers pay $10 more for Blu-ray Discs than DVD

In a recent report by the NPD group, it is revealed that on average consumers pay $10 more for a Blu-ray Disc then for a DVD. The real interesting part is that evidently that is still to much for some titles. The report goes on to say that while consumers have no problem paying $10 more for titles like The Dark Knight, other movies just aren't worth it. Of course this points to the obvious fact that if Blu-ray Discs cost less more people would 'em. We can't blame Hollywood for trying to get the best price they can for their wares, but at the same time we can understanding waiting for the prices to come down before buying. The other interesting part of the report is how many more men are into Blu-ray then women. We won't even begin to try to understand this one though.