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Vodafone roadmap reveals HP Oak, all gloss no wood


HP's Oak makes an appearance in the relentless binge of new handset madness that is the Vodafone roadmap. The HP Oak delivers many of the baubles we've come to expect from Windows Mobile devices, things like 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, quad-band GSM, qwerty keyboard, a touchscreen, and even GPS have found there way in. Other connectivity options include the almost standard WiFi and Bluetooth, with chatter time listed as 3.5 hours and 360 hours standby. We're feeling a lot of similarities between this fella and the HTC TyTN II, but the HP gets the puffy rainbow sticker -- with prancing Pegasus, of course -- for opting to add that ultra-handy dialpad on the front. Oak's due date is set for September 2008 at roughly $500.

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