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Sony's CMT-BX50i and CMT-BX20i iPod shelf systems complete Sony iPod lineup

Nilay Patel

It may come as a shock to those of you who haven't been paying attention, but Sony's quietly released quite a few iPod-compatible audio systems in the past few months -- everything from alarm clocks and boomboxes to semi-portable speaker systems to dock adapters for its high-end ES receivers and Bravia TVs. What's been missing is a classic shelf system, but given the proliferation of iPod-compatible gear from Sony, today's introduction of the CMT-BX50i and CMT-BX20i comes as a pleasantly inevitable surprise. The $130 CMT-BX20i can control an iPod via the included remote, with menus and track info appearing on the display, and offers 50 watts of RMS power and a single CD player, while the $180 CMT-BX50i adds in A2DP support for both receiving tunes and transmitting them out to a pair of wireless cans. All in all, not a bad little system -- but you know there's a Walkman division VP who's totally got the sniffles right now.

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