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Gear and loathing in Las Vegas - Engadget has left the building

Ryan Block, @ryan

Hard to believe, but the 150,000 some-odd people that flooded into Vegas for CES have all gone home -- including your Engadget editors. Sure, it wasn't the most exciting CES in recent memory, but it wasn't without merit, either. Why, just think of the eight thousand HDTVs announced, blockbuster format war news, or iriver's unexpectedly show-stealing lineup. One thing's certainly for sure: you demanded we give wall-to-wall coverage of CES, and we'd like to hope we did you right. See you at CES 2009 -- and every day in between!

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Vital stats
Number of posts to Engadget Classic: 737 and counting...
Number of posts to all Engadgets (including crossposts): 1033
Videos shot: 70
Laptops damaged or destroyed: 2
iPhones destroyed: 1
Miles traversed by the Dante Express: 246
Number of people who got sick: 4
Average hours slept nightly: 5
Average number of laptops per person: 1.1
Average number of cellphones per person: 1.1
Number of Quake 3 tourneys: 3 (winner: Dante)
Individuals enjoying In N Out for the first time: 1
Pounds of swag thrown away: under 20
Number of phones purchased from International Gateway: 1,000 (order pending)

Team Engadget
Ryan Block, Evan Blass, Thomas "Oh, daddy" Ricker, Joshua "Businessman" Topolsky, Paul "Tapless" Miller, Nilay Patel, Chris "Ziggie Smalls" Ziegler, Darren Murph, Sean "Sarnie" Cooper, Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler, Steve Kim, Erik Hanson, Barb Dybwad, Chris Grant, Trent Wolbe, Dante "Express" Cesa, Jose Andrade, Ittousai, Andy Yang, Atticus Wu, and, of course, Peter Rojas!

The hostess with the mostest
Veronica Belmont

Mahalo Daily film crew
Tyler Crowley, Michael Gallagher, John Porter, Conrad QH

Cash money
Thomas Hammer

Team Keep-The-Servers-Up (Gavin, Alex, Celly, Christoph, Charlie), Team Design (Matt, Erik, Mike), and Team Keeps-Us-Employed (Jen, Marty)

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