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How would you change Dell's XPS One?

Darren Murph

Back in October of last year, we all wondered just what impact Dell's leaked XPS One would really have on the all-in-one PC, nay, computer market, and truth be told, we're still waiting for something definitive. Sure, the first press shots were emanating with all kinds of sexy (for a Dell), and this thing was teased more than any single hunk of plastic and metal ever should be, but it still maintained a certain aura that kept people anxious for release day. Shortly after going on sale in mid-November, reviewers from all walks of life managed to fall innocently in love with Round Rock's latest, but as with most other XPS machines, we're fairly certain the discerning crowd that this piece is aimed at will find plenty of reasons to nitpick room for improvement.

If you were given a round-trip ticket to Texas with keys to the XPS One's design laboratory, what would be your first (and second, and third...) order of business? Are you honestly satisfied with the graphics performance? Is the built-in display that you're now stuck with up to snuff? Does it really look as good in your humble abode as it did in a classy New York City furniture store? Of course, we fully understand that Dell must have done something right here for ole Walt to highly praise it, and while we're sure the current incarnation of the One may suffice for many, we want to hear your vision of Shout it out below!

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