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Daktronics plans 12000-square feet of HD signage for Citi Field


Daktronics is continuing its quest to slather all available areas in your local MLB stadium with an HD screen of some type, with the latest target Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. Apparently eschewing the bigger/biggest race for a moment, no word on the size of a specific Godzillatron display, but Mets fans can expect 12,000 total square footage of display technology when installation is completed by August, ahead of the stadium's inaugural 2009 season. The main displays feature Daktronics' HD-X technology and will ensure that the best place to watch the game on TV is at the park itself. In other news about 'dat 'tronics, Bloomberg profiles the company's work on the Cowboys' enormous screen, and more than 18,000 sq ft of displays going into the new Giants-Jets stadium.

Update: The Mets also just acquired Johan Santana, so Mets fans can rest assured the next time their team is busy blowing the pennant race, they'll be doing it in a top quality ballpark with one of the game's best pitchers on the mound.

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