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Verizon running low on FiOS TV HD boxes?

Darren Murph

Yeah, we've seen shortages caused by unexpected upticks in demand before, and unfortunately, it's new FiOS TV customers that'll be feeling the pain this 'go round. Shortly after hooking up its one millionth customer, the carrier is now being forced to tell consumers that they won't be able to get a Motorola HD receiver or HD DVR right away. According to a number of user reports, company reps have been informing folks that the wait could be as long as a month, but a Motorola spokeswoman has reportedly said that it's working closely with the company in order to relieve the shortage. We know FiOS TV has been spreading its wings of late, so we're curious to know: have you been affected by said shortage, or did you get in just under the wire?

[Via Multichannel News, thanks Jonathan E.]

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