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Tiny ASUS P320 breaks cover at CeBIT

Chris Ziegler

Alongside decidedly flashier announcements, ASUS has also chosen CeBIT to debut its diminutive, modestly-specced P320, a Windows Mobile 6 Professional piece sans 3G that we first spied last month. It's not going to turn any heads, but hey, that's what the ZX1's all about; the P320 is really here to get down in the trenches, get dirty, and get some work done, all while making sure it doesn't dwarf the hand it's in. We'd prefer, oh, any other color besides flesh tone, but thanks to a positively miniature 99 x 55 x 13.35mm outline, 2 megapixel camera, and WiFi, we might just be willing to overlook it. What's more, there's no mention of GPS on the spec sheet, but we're going to venture a guess the necessary circuitry is on board thanks to a side button conveniently labeled -- you guessed it -- "GPS." Check more pictures after the break, or just hold out for a release whenever ASUS gets around to it. Your call.

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