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Colorware provides that DS Lite hue Nintendo never appreciated

Darren Murph

Quite frankly, we're a bit shocked it took this long for the paint gun-wielding gurus over at Colorware to start fancying up Nintendo's famed DS Lite, but just in case The Big N has yet to unveil a hue that floats your boat, look no further. As with most everything else it sells, you can send in your current unit in order to receive it back in a whole new outfit, but those who've yet to jump on board the bandwagon can acquire their very first DS Lite already modified. Best of all, Colorware lets you paint up the main frame, button pad, front port, bottom, L / R buttons and even the stylus separately (for a cost, of course), so those looking to relive the 70s can toss together some seriously groovy combinations. Go on, hit up the read link and exercise that artistic muscle.

[Via CNET]

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