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Cavalier looking to compete in Hampton Roads, VA

Darren Murph

We'll be honest -- we're not exactly sure the television hotbed that is Hampton Roads, Virginia would be the first place we'd look to compete in the industry, but Cavalier Telephone & TV apparently sees opportunity. The Richmond-based company -- which stands as "one of the few survivors that emerged as a telephone service industry player after the phone business was deregulated in 1996" -- is reportedly gearing up to compete with Cox and Verizon in the region. Interestingly, Cavalier actually pushes its digital TV signals over Verizon-owned lines, and if you're wondering how it'll compete without high-def, the company is already busy "signing deals with networks so Cavalier can carry their channels in HD." Hey, if one more in the mix keeps prices (more) reasonable, we're all for it.

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