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Console numbers released: Xbox 360 tops 10M US sales, 9.2M PS3s sold worldwide last year

Nilay Patel

Microsoft is making some noise today about the Xbox 360's sales numbers -- it's the first of this generation of consoles to top 10M sales in the US. That's well ahead of the Wii, which stands at 8.8M, and the PS3, which has under half the 360's installed base at 4.1M units sold. Worldwide, the 360 is also doing quite well: Microsoft says it's moved 19M consoles total, and that 12 million people are signed up for Xbox Live. That's behind the Wii's global sales of 25M units, but Microsoft isn't exactly content with second place -- it's making a point to say that the 360 has the " largest global install base of any current gen, high definition gaming console." Take that, Mario. Meanwhile, the PS3s doing quite nicely for itself as well: in addition to outselling the 360 in both the US and Europe, Sony says worldwide sales were up an astounding 156 percent last year with a total of 9.2M units coming off shelves, and that it expects to sell another 10M consoles by March 2009. Looks like the console race is hitting the next level -- any bets on how things will shake out in a year?

[Via Joystiq]

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