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Philips patent application details gadget-charging handbag


Bags that charge your gadgets aren't exactly a new concept, but that apparently hasn't stopped Philips from trying to patent the idea, as evidenced by its recently-revealed application for a so-called "Smart Handbag." This bag is somewhat unique, however, in that it has separate compartments for your various gizmos, each of which contain their own electric conductive circuit that's used to top off the devices as needed (the bag itself is apparently charged simply by plugging the strap into a power outlet). As if that wasn't enough, the other end of the strap would apparently be outfitted with a USB connector, which'd let you plug the bag into your computer and instantly have access to all the devices contained within it. Of course, that's assuming computers still have USB ports whenever this thing actually makes it off the drawing board.

[Via Unwired View]

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