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Philips launches 9600 Ambilight LCD TVs in UK

Steven Kim

Just because Philips has hit some rough water with its TV products and even handed over the US production to Funai, that doesn't mean it's given up. Getting rolled out in the UK is the Ambilight 9600-series LCD TVs. While we're not fans of the Ambilight, the other improvements to the panels sound good to us. An updated Pixel Perfect HD system promises better black levels and contrast, and 100Hz (double the UK 50Hz mains frequency) Clear LCD wizardry should help minimize motion blur; at least as much as 120Hz does here in the US. If you need even deeper blacks, the new backlight can be dialed right down to 5-percent. If sunglasses are your thing, the torch mode on the backlight has been increased by 10-percent. Sounds good, but we'd like to see Philips bring its higher end models like these to the states for our peepers. The models we've seen over here don't exactly stop us in our tracks. Available in 32, 37, 42 and 47-inch sizes for £999, £1499, £1799 and £1999, respectively.

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