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5th Avenue Apple Store starts iPhone 3G line

Cory Bohon

GearDiary is reporting that a lineup of about 10 people started queuing up Friday for the iPhone 3G launch at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York. You may recall last year's 5th Avenue store queuing started about a week early as well. The iPhone 3G goes on sale at 8 a.m. on July 11th.

The first people in line are a man, his wife and their young child. According to GearDiary, the couple told security that they're trying to set a record for time waiting in line and possibly having a baby waiting with them. Police are allowing the 10 people to wait in line and currently have no plans to use barricades.

GearDiary has posted some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Update: Engadget, our sister blog, has posted more pictures and an exclusive interview with the people in line.

[via MacNN]

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