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Engadget HD Podcast 095 - 07.30.2008

Trent Wolbe
Finally, the Matrix collection gets a Blu-ray release date. We're not scared off by the $130 MSRP, but we do manage to disagree over the merits of the collection as a whole. Netflix looks to be raising Blu-ray prices soon; and despite the protests, we doubt the price bump will be repealed like the Profiles feature removal. And what are you going to do -- haven't you heard that brick-and-mortar rental is on the way out? The TV distribution game is all about padding the HD channel counts, and the bar has been raised to the magical 100 number by Verizon FiOS TV, DirecTV and even locally-originated news. We're intrigued by Samsung's Media Center Extender, but really want to see the electronics giant merge this functionality with a Blu-ray player. Wrapping up, we puzzle over the analog hole, ultra widescreen TV formats and LG's presence in the tru2way arena. But one thing that didn't have us confused was the inflated plasma power consumption numbers put up by Good Magazine.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

00:32 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 094 - 07.23.2008
15:23 - The Ultimate Matrix Collection to make Blu-ray debut on October 14th
18:37 - Netflix CEO says Blu-ray premiums coming "very soon"
20:19 - Survey finds most Americans think in-store movie renting is fading out
22:27 - Verizon posts official FiOS HD channel rollout dates
23:19 - New York City officially gifted with Verizon's FiOS TV: 100 HD channels
24:57 - DirecTV to boast 130 HD channels on August 14th, 1080p movies later this year
27:23 - America finally claims 100 local HD news stations
30:42 - Poll: Do you receive your local news in HD?
31:35 - Samsung reveals $200 MediaLive Media Center Extender
33:49 - Who cares if the analog hole is closed?
35:56 - Could we see ultra widescreen HDTVs in the future?
39:06 - LG, Funai officially jump on the tru2way bandwagon
40:37 - How much does it cost to just leave your HDTV plugged in?


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