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Philips' 8mm thin 32-inch LCD turns the screws on Sony


This morning you saw what a 9.9-mm thin LCD from Sony looks like. Now it's Philips' turn to drop jaw. Albeit just a concept compared to Sony's ZX1 soon to be production TV, this 8-mm thin, 32-inch LCD with LED backlighting is done with the engineering and now waits for the suits to bring it to market. Two thin strips of Philips' own LumiLEDs -- 30 on top and 30 on the bottom -- are the secret sauce to this thin, Full HD mixture. According to Philips' "Senior Scientist," Dr. Giovanni Cennini, this 8-mm design will scale to panel sizes of 42-inches and probably higher. Better yet, these are the same panels Philips already uses, no extra tweaking required. So it's your move corporate, we're all waiting.

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