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Engadget HD Podcast 101 - 09.9.2008

Trent Wolbe
Breaking past the century mark, we pull our own Darren Murph into the studio to give us the rundown on last week's CEDIA show. Highlights from Denver included Mitsubishi's LaserVue TV and Belkin's FlyWire wireless hub -- we're not sure we see the FlyWire device moving in large volume, but we wonder if the LaserVue's picture quality could give RPTVs a real shot in the arm. One thing that did show up at CEDIA was Blu-ray players; despite Samsung's call for a five-year Blu lifespan, units from Panasonic, Sony, Sharp and LG all got rolled out. Features are all over the map, but it's good to see that the product segment is getting some diversity. There also was a tru2way demo from Panasonic and Comcast, and again we find ourselves in the "glass half full" camp that wishes for more, but appreciates the baby steps being made. TiVo had a good week, with an spec-bumped HD model and the return of a DirecTV solution. But when it comes to whole-home media, Niveus still tugs at our hearts -- unfortunately, it also tugs a little too hard at our wallets. And with that, the show moves on to the new items we're not so enthusiastic about: Sony and Samsung's 200/240Hz TVs, SIM2's $40 hard drive movie mailers, Pioneer's Kuro in-wall speakers, and Philips' purported "better than Kuro" LCD. File all these under, "return to sender." We wrap up on a good note, the appearance of Seinfeld on TBS HD, remastered from film-stock for a quality 16:9 HD experience.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

01:06 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 0100 - 09.3.2008
09:48 - Mitsubishi's 65-inch LaserVue priced at CEDIA: $6,999
13:57 - Belkin's FlyWire hands-on at CEDIA
19:11 - Panasonic's DMP-BD35 / DMP-BD55 Blu-ray players hands-on
21:07 - Hands-on: Sony shows off prototype 400-disc Blu-ray Mega Changer
24:23 - LG's BD300 Netflix / Blu-ray deck ships next month for $399.95
28:17 - Sharp's AQUOS BD-HP50U / BD-HP21U Blu-ray players eyes-on
30:22 - Samsung UK exec says Blu-ray "has five years left"
33:53 - Panasonic & Comcast to demonstrate "real" tru2way at CEDIA
38:37 - Hell freezes over, new DirecTV HD TiVo on the way
40:58 - TiVo HD XL DVR: 150 hours of HD recording, $599.99, available now
43:23 - Niveus says "never enough," adds support for eight CableCARDs / ten Extenders
47:56 - Sony, Samsung both claim "world's first" 200Hz LCD TV
49:54 - SIM2 tag-teams with Entertainment Experience to bring you movies on hard drives
52:26 - Pioneer goes crazy with 16 new speaker models, KURO brand push
55:30 - Philips LCDs better than Kuro least according to Philips
57:35 - Seinfeld goes HD on TBS HD


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