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A few more details confirmed on Nokia's next-gen Internet Tablet

Tim Stevens

Last week we got a few tid-bits of information on where Nokia is heading with its next round of Internet Tablets and now we're learning a little bit more courtesy of a spy shot taken at the company's Maemo Summit (held over the weekend in fabulous Berlin). The 3G HSPA connectivity and a TI OMAP3 processor mentioned earlier are confirmed, the latter of which will open the door to OpenGL ES 2.0 compatibility for graphics acceleration and, hopefully, alleviate the occasionally stuttery video playback that made the N810 a somewhat less than ideal PMP. Beyond that all we know so far is that it will utilize the company's Maemo 5 OS (Windows 3.1 is right out), will support USB 2.0 (surprise!), and that use of hair-care products at the Summit was apparently optional.

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