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AVD plays matchmaker, brings Sonos and Pronto together

Steven Kim

The Sonos music system consistently gets high marks for its easy-to-use Sonos Controller remote. But folks who want to control their whole home with a single device can't be bothered by another remote, and they've probably got some money to spend to fix the problem. Make way for the enterprising folks at AVD Australia and QualiFi, who have come up with 2-way communication between Sonos and a Philips Pronto TSU9600 or Marantz RC9001 remote, so you can ditch that now-obsolete $400 Sonos Controller. Up to 8 Sonos areas can be controlled by up to 8 remotes, so yeah, there's room to grow. All this convenience should be available this month, starting at AUD $695 (US $540) for a single remote and zone (Sonos and remote not included).

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