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    Canon PowerShot G10 reviewed

    Nilay Patel

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    We've always had a soft spot for Canon's G-series of prosumer compacts, and it looks like the new G10 won't be any exception -- Photography Blog just put the boxy camera through its paces and found that it's "undoubtedly the best ever" in the line. High marks were particularly given to the new wider-angle 28-140mm lens (which suffers less barrel distortion than the G9), higher-res LCD screen, and the new exposure dial, which allows you to fine-tune exposure settings without a trip to the menus. The new 14.7 megapixel sensor didn't receive the same praise, however: ISO 400 images were quite noisy, and the 800 and 1600 settings were "virtually unusable." That's not exactly news for the G-series, but it's pretty unfortunate -- especially considering that the G10's $499 pricetag edges into low-end DSLR territory. Still, if you're looking for a compact with deep manual controls and real optics, it sounds like the G10 is worth a look -- hit the read link for the full review.

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