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Engadget HD Podcast 108 - 10.29.2008

Trent Wolbe
We start off talking about Baraka getting treated to an 8k transfer process en route to Blu-ray, which should make the title appeal to videophiles; which isn't to say we think Blu-ray is for "videophiles" only. With Blu-ray players coming down in price and features like Netflix "Watch Instantly" being added to decks -- two Samsung units added the feature this week -- we think Blu-ray will catch on. Speaking of Netflix, Macs are getting "Watch Instantly" functionality as well, thanks to Microsoft's Silverlight plugin. But the Xbox 360 takes top honors among media streamers this week again, for first out of the gate to support Netflix HD streaming. Not one to be left out of the set-top-box streamer race, TiVo added Jaman and CinemaNow capabilities as well, just as the device TiVo killed -- the standalone VCR -- got the axe from JVC this week. That takes you back, eh? Well, the HD Guru got us all caught up again with his review of the Mitsubishi LaserVue, and he has great news to report -- lots of color, lots darkness and lots of contrast, too. Ben and Steve go into a little more detail on their equipment reviews this week, with Ben putting EA's mPanel through its paces and Steve giving new speakers from Paradigm a listen. We know we're a biased bunch, but this week's poll really highlighted it, with almost 50-percent of you guys switching carriers due to a lack of HD. And that's a perfect springboard for Ben to go off on the NFL Network's use of stale SD material when HD crispness of the same content is available. We end up on a happy note, though -- CES is approaching, and with or without the incorporation of EHX Fall, we always look forward to covering the Christmas-after-Christmas that is CES.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Producer: Trent Wolbe

00:24 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 107 - 10.22.2008

03:50 - Baraka: first ever 8K HD restoration Blu-ray Disc gets ship date, reviewed
05:07 - Is Blu-ray destined to become a "videophile niche?"
07:11 - Samsung partners with Netflix: P2500 and P2550 Blu-ray players updated for free
08:16 - Netflix finally brings 'Watch Instantly' to Macs via Silverlight
09:59 - HD Netflix streaming comes to Xbox 360 first
10:52 - TiVo uncorks movie downloads via CinemaNow and Jaman
12:23 - Standalone VCR party finally ends, JVC shuts the door as it leaves
14:22 - HD Guru: Mitsu's LaserVue L65-A90 among the best HDTVs ever tested
19:12 - Embedded Automation's mPanel Review
21:43 - Paradigm "Phantom" Cinema Gaming speaker system review
23:34 - Poll: Have you switched carriers due to lack of HD?
29:19 - NFL Network launches HD information screen to jazz up SD material
35:18 - EHX Fall moving in with CES, fight over top bunk begins in 2010


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