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Loewe hints at Blu-ray-infused LCD HDTV by 2010

Darren Murph

While most of the big boys are in a foot race to see who can pump out a legitimate big screen OLED TV the fastest, little ole Loewe is perfectly content with LCD. According to the company's CEO, Frieder Löhrer, he watches "all of the techniques that are on the market, almost on a daily basis," but was quick to dismiss that admittedly mesmerizing laser technology implemented by Mitsubishi as being too "inefficient and ineffective." When questioned on the possibility of joining a few other select firms in producing a Blu-ray-infused HDTV, he stated that he "could not say no," and he continued on to say that "it's a technique that we foresee not for the year 2008, but [probably] for early 2010." Hey, he never said he was trying to beat everyone else to the punch, right?

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