Kleer now offering DigiFi Opera wireless earphones in the US

Well, it's been a bit of a long time coming, but it looks like the Kleer-based DigiFi Opera wireless earphones are now finally available in the US, and directly from Kleer itself, no less. From the looks of it, these are the exact same phones that folks in Korea have had at their disposal for quite a few months now, with them still promising to provide CD quality sound over a 2.4GHz wireless link, and let up to three other folks listen to a single source. According to the company, you can also expect to get up to ten hours of playtime, with a USB cable provided to handle the charging duties. If that sounds like the wireless fix you've been looking for, you can snag the earphones right now in your choice of black or white for just under $100 by hitting up the link below.

[Via iPodNN]