Sony's BRAVIA BDV-IT1000 Blu-ray HTIB gets unboxed, previewed

When Sony unleashed its BRAVIA BDV-IT1000 Blu-ray HTIB back in August, we were given no indication of a price or release date. Clearly the time has (almost) come for prospective buyers to buy in, as Home Cinema Choice has procured the bundle and posted up a thorough preview. Upon testing, the crew found that it performed much better with movies than with music, and given that a BD deck comes packaged in, we suppose that's the point. The surround experience was also dubbed satisfactory, with "perfect channel separation" and a subwoofer with plenty of oomph. Hit the read link for the hands-on writeup, and get ready to pony up a staggering £1,500 ($2,168) when it ships in the UK this Spring.