Dolby announces Vision release for Q1, Volume release for now

We can't say that we've ever been utterly stoked for Dolby Volume, but we suppose it's a nice extra in TV sets and set-top-boxes so long as the cost of inclusion is negligible to the consumer. That said, Dolby's making darn sure the crowd at CES knows that it's infiltrating sets in the US and Europe as we speak, and it'll be showcasing a number of Toshiba REGZA LCDs in particular. In related news, Dolby Vision -- part of its High Dynamic Range series -- will be showcased in a SIM2 prototype LCD here in Vegas. Better still, Dolby is currently working with SIM2 in order to develop an HDR-enabled LCD display, and while we highly doubt this is the set that's coming in Q1, we are told that the technology will be available in some form or fashion this quarter. Patience, friends -- it's the only choice.