Sony speaks about VAIO P, evidently thinks it's not a netbook

What's up with companies suddenly not wanting to call their netbooks, um, netbooks? Sony's Mike Abary sat down with LaptopMag in order to discuss the VAIO P, and as always, the company didn't hesitate to shoot off a few more-than-controversial tidbits. For starters, Mr. Abary insinuated that the 8-inch machine wasn't actually a good fit for the netbook category, noting that "the type of premium customer it is targeting probably doesn't even know what a netbook is." Furthermore, he reckoned that around 60% of prospective VAIO P buyers would be women, and it doesn't view 12-inch laptops as a threat. If you're hungry for even more one-liners that you can jump all over, head on down to the read link -- just remember, yelling at your LCD doesn't do anyone any good.