Toshiba's DMFC "internet viewer" prototypes are truly next-gen

It's not every day you walk past something quite as striking as Toshiba's new DMFC internet viewer prototypes. Sure, folks like Toshiba and Samsung have been chatting up DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) power technology for ages, but to see it live and in person -- and powering a truly unique form factor -- is quite a treat. Word is these things can last for a week of typical use on one methanol refill, and are running regular old Windows XP. Unfortunately, there's no word on what processing and storage is under the hood or when these will hit the market, or for how much. Basically, Windows 7 is much more likely the OS we'll be seeing on them by the time they're ready to go -- if that ever happens at all, DMFC doesn't have the best track record of actually breaking through the productization stage. Video is after the break, and the gallery includes a couple other Toshiba prototypes.