Advertisement gets updated to 2.3, fixes iSight/iPhoto features

If you have been following Saltatory Software's, then you know how great it can be for easily creating family trees. Recently updated, this application allows you to easily track your family's genealogy. The new update fixes some bugs that occurred with Leopard, like the iSight/iLife integration. Some of the updates to Family include:

  • You can now export your Family file to PDF, and it will still be crisp if you zoom in.

  • The iSight and iPhoto/iLife integration work again in 10.5.

  • You can now zoom in 120% when in the main editor.

  • Updated Family bubbles to make Family files look better in general, especially in printing.

  • Minor bug fixes regarding text input.

  • There is a fun little fade out when you close windows.

  • Made it so that dragging a new connection is easier than before. Dragging a connection is not as particular about where you click like it was in 2.0.2.

If you want more information about this update, or would like to download, you can visit the Saltatory Software website. Family is $29.95US for a personal-use license and it requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.