Meridian's HD621 HDMI Audio Processor breaks out the audio, but keeps it in-house

A 6:1 HDMI switch with audio breakouts is something we'd normally look to Gefen for, but we're not surprised to see that Meridian has introduced its own wrinkle to the formula in its HD621 HDMI Audio Processor. In addition to routing one of the six HDMI sources to the output, the $3000 box will separate out the audio signal (up to 8 channels) on a single RJ45 connection in the Meridian Multichannel High Resolution or four RCA jacks, each carrying two channels of Meridian High Resolution data. It's all nice and proprietary, but c'mon -- did you expect anything else from a company that has never shied away from creating its own standards? Needless to say, only those interested in an all-Meridian system need apply.