New Storm OS leaked, includes QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode

As you know, a new beta OS for the Storm has made its way into the wild. Although we haven't had a chance to give OS the what-for ourselves, those of you who have certainly have a lot to say. The big news for both 9500 and 9530 users is that there is now a QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode -- no more flipping the phone around just for an ill-advised late night tweet! Besides that, users have noted an increase in overall stability (unless you're trying to listen to music -- more on that in a moment) and some visual enhancements (including the older-look application folder and fonts that are slightly larger). Additionally, when the device is locked, the screen doesn't light up every time you bump it -- good for battery life. And as one user noted, the charging issue "which plagued OS version 88" has been resolved. Unfortunately, there has also been plenty of chatter about buggy multimedia players -- at least on the Storm 9500. Users have complained about music and video playback crashing the phone, fast forward not working, and an overall video performance decrease. Brave Blackberry fans can hit the read link to browse the forums and maybe even download the new OS for themselves. More images after the break.