Astro Gaming's Headset Hanger needs little explanation

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.27.09

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Astro Gaming may not produce the most invigorating products out there, but you'd never know it by its marketing approach. In fact, we dare any HP Blackbird owner to give the read link a look and not have even the slightest desire to pick this here gizmo up. The Headset Hanger, contrary to popular belief, actually isn't a makeshift racing wheel; rather, it's designed to be the first (and only, probably) accessory to bolt directly onto the Blackbird's built-in VESA-compliant hardpoint. The purpose? To hold your gaming headphones, which would obviously be the A40s if Astro had any say in the matter. You could spend $19.95 on this just to satisfy your curiosity, but we'd recommend just glancing through the gallery a time or two until you're over it.
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